Drones as a service


At AIRXBIG, we offer our customers the use of drones as an "all-round carefree package". Everything from one source, adapted to your individual needs.

Our product range is modular (hardware, software, personnel, analysis, sensors) and ranges from topographic, alpine surveying, detection of solar potential in communities, search & rescue to inspection and much more.


Our drone-solutions

What we offer:

  • Providing drones and specific hardware

  • Quick and simple reservation for your drone-package

  • Custom-made usage model for your drones

  • A to Z software systems to cover your flights including risk-analysis

  • Seamless data security as well as track&trace based on blockchain-technology

  • High quality aerial photography and matching sensors for data collection

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By using drones, we specifically help to solve your problems

Today, drones are available for a wide range of applications. Through the use of complementary tools such as cameras, gripper scans, etc., the possibilities are almost limitless.


The use of drones saves costs

Due to our flexible and individual toolbox, drone use is cheaper than you might think.


Drones are your innovation driver

Position your company in the leading edge by using drones as a supporting tool.

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Drones are unmanned flying objects (aircraft or balloons) that have no human pilot on board and can fly autonomously, automatically or under human control in the air. A distinction is made between Unmanned Aircraft/Aerial System (UAS) and Unmanned Aircraft/Aerial Vehicle (UAV). UAS refers to the entire system (drone, controller, parachute, ground station, etc.) required for operation. UAV refers to the unmanned flying object itself, which is in the air during flight.

Professional drones are used to support personnel in their work, to automate work processes and to carry out dangerous activities without endangering human lives. Thanks to their flexibility and rapid deployment, they are already being used in a wide variety of areas: to search for people, to detect the source of fires, to determine damage after a (natural) disaster, to monitor properties, to optimise processes in agriculture and much more.

This is regulated by the EU Drone Regulation and the Austrian Aviation Act. According to the Austrian Aviation Act, drones are free to fly in Austrian airspace, unless otherwise stipulated by federal law. Drones are referred to as "unmanned aerial vehicles" in the Aviation Act. We have provided a link to the Aviation Act below:

https://www.ris.bka.gv.at/GeltendeFassung.wxe?Abfrage=Bundesnormen&Gesetzesnummer=10011306 (as of 27.03.2022).

An overview of the EU Drone Regulation can be found here:


The majority of drones on the market can fly autonomously. A distinction must be made between automatic and autonomous operation:

  • Automatic operation = operation of a drone that is carried out with automated processes but allows manual (human) intervention.

  • Autonomous operation = completely independent operation of the drone, without the possibility of external intervention.

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